Sunday, July 28, 2013


I love vacations including little weekenders, but it does nothing for my fitness.  I eat very bad.  Everyone knows calories don't count on vacation until you get home of course.  I got home from a weekend vacation today full of dirt with great memories and wouldn't you know an extra couple of pounds I swear were not there when I left.  Was it worth it?  You Bet!  I loved eating hot dogs, and enchiladas, and burgers, and lots of chips and a little dessert called "Sex in a Pan"  with that kind of name you know it must be good and it was.   Tomorrow my vacation will officially be over and I will rededicate myself to exceeding my own expectations.  It is nice to go on vacations and forget about eating right and exercising.  You just can't do it for very long.  I have goals to hit this week I want to squat 125lbs. I currently can do 110lbs.  I want to go 3.2 miles in 25 minutes.  I can easily do that in 30 minutes so I need to go a little faster.  I am running a 5K on Saturday, which also happens to be my 41st birthday.

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