Monday, July 22, 2013

Dieting does work!

  Diet, the four letter word that strikes fear into most women.  I have tried many diets, and failed at pretty much every last one of them.  As soon as I decide that a food or group of foods is forbidden on the latest diet, that is the very food group that I crave.  According to my body type and various health issues I should do well on Low Carb, or Paleo, or Mediterranean.  The problem is I can't stay with it long enough to see results.  I did call this dieting does work, so when does it work and for whom?  I have a friend who is male and he has lost a considerable amount of weight, he also exercises.  Men, they do seem to have it easier then us ladies when it comes to diet and exercise.  This friend of mine does weight watchers.  It seems like something I could stick to.  My advice on this is to know yourself and your weaknesses.  If you can't stay away from the cookies and ice-cream; I wouldn't go on a diet that forbids that food.  Me I am a french fry queen.  I love them.  When I am stressed out bring in the carbs.  I will eat the entire Big Mac meal at McDonald's with no guilt whatsoever and my stress vanishes as fast as the french fries.  I am your classic salty Carb addict.  I suppose that and my complete lack of willpower is why diets are so difficult for me.
  I also am a mom of teenage Boys!  Have you ever sat down to eat with a teenager?  They don't eat as much as they inhale.  Portion size is also huge!  I have a family of 5 but need to be able to serve 6 at least because the boys are hungry.  I tried to be vegan for a while, my family threw a revolt.  We want meat.  Vegan didn't last long.   My youngest son loves bread.  he has asked for loafs of bread as Christmas gifts.  Spaghetti at my house, almost has to include garlic bread.  So these are my excuses why I can't stick to a diet, but like my friend there is a diet or plan that will work, but it takes work.  At this point in my life to maintain my current weight and build muscle I gladly give my time, 2 hour sessions at the gym 5 days a week.  When someone invents the lose 20 lbs on the french fry diet please call me.

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