Monday, July 15, 2013

It's the little things

Yesterday I went to the local amusement park.  Do you know that feeling after a day riding rides, standing in lines, walking, and sunburning.  If you are like me you are absolutely exhausted.  So the question is did you work out or is that a day you need to make up.  You most definitely worked out.  Going to an amusement park, or zoo involves lots of walking, walking is great exercise.  If you rode any extreme rides you got your heart rate up.  Sometimes the best exercise we can get is that which doesn't feel scheduled.  You did not don the workout gear and sneakers.  You might not even have built up a sweat but it all adds up and you burned more calories having fun then you would have sitting on the couch.  If you are like me and have decided to once and for all get fit and healthy.  Pack all the fun you can into the summer months.  Go for a hike, go play Frisbee in the park, go to the zoo, botanical garden, flea market, amusement park, go for a bike ride.  The first part is the most important GO!  Live your life, enjoy the freedom that summer brings.  By the time the autumn leaves begin to fall, you will feel stronger and have more endurance simply because you spent your summer playing and having fun.

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