Thursday, July 18, 2013


You are doing great, working out, making wiser food choices when out of the blue your mate says "honey I thought you looked great before, I like a little extra something".  Your long time best friend says," you spend to much time at the gym come out with us and party".  Little comments like these can derail your fitness goals.  Remember they are your goals, you have to look in the mirror.  The truth is if you are happy with the way that you are you won't put the effort needed into it to change, you honestly can't do it for anybody but yourself.  It is not about a number or size it is how you feel and honestly if you get winded carrying stuff up and down stairs do you honestly feel good.  Sometimes the friends or spouses feel intimidated by your commitment.  It might make them feel better if you weren't dedicated.  Don't listen to that.  I sometimes get a kick out of catching myself in the mirror at the gym doing a bicep curl and think, "I look Good"!  That is what you need.  Listen to the voice that carries you through when you are tired, and don't want to go anymore.  Say to yourself "Give me One more"!  Always remember to reward yourself every now and then, a new something, a little treat, a night out with friends.  Keep Going, Don't Quit!

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  1. When all said and done it should be more about your heath than weight. If you told someone you were sick and needed to work out seven days a week for five hour or what ever they wouldn't be so quick to say you don't need to. Keep it up!