Friday, July 12, 2013


I almost imagined in my 30's I would find the magic pill, diet, or exercise that would make me the magic size I always dreamed of.  Well I am over 40 and I have looked high and low and there is no magic to weight loss.  It is hard work. It is not hopeless however and in the last six months I have made a lot of progress.  I have not lost a single pound, but I have toned up and now I can see muscle definition where before I had none.  In January along with most of America who make resolutions with high hopes of sticking to them  I joined Planet Fitness.  At first I did what I knew how to do and started seeing a nutritionist. In February, I saw the personal trainer who worked at Planet Fitness.  At first I tried to halfheartedly throw in some weight training but since I had no clue what worked and what did not I didn't get anywhere with that so it was stick to the treadmill for me.  I eventually started attending the classes that the trainer had and then the magic happened.  At first I barely noticed except for the fact that the numbers on the scale stopped climbing.  I  attended the classes two hours a day five days a week.  Eventually I surpassed what was being offered so for me and a core group of other regulars he changed it up with moves from Crossfit and Insanity.  We did some crazy things I am amazed I did.  I didn't die, and slowly a burpee or two didn't feel quite so awful but truth be told I still hate them.  My arms developed muscle and as any women knows those are the vanity muscles, the ones everyone sees when you ton the tank tops during the summer. I only had a couple of sessions with the nutritionist, I enjoy food and I enjoy drink; I wasn't going to eat like a rabbit.  Eventually as what usually happens in life the trainer I loved left for greener pastures and I just started up with the new guy, he is different, but sometimes different can be good.  I will use this blog to track my progress and to hopefully inspire others who have long since given up to step away from the cake and step on to a treadmill.
Here are my numbers.  My weight is 152.4

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