Saturday, July 13, 2013


 One of the most important aspects of fitness is support.  Some people are just fine to take off on their own, and do their own thing.  They get support from somewhere, maybe it is a gadget or a supportive family,  maybe it is an internal competitive spirit but for the rest of us mere mortals we need friends.  You know the people who log all their runs, hikes, and cycling into some app and post it in Facebook.  This is not bragging this is for the support.  I am one of those people who prefers to work out with someone.  I work harder, longer, and just get a better burn.  I like the trainers at Planet Fitness because they are there to push me.  I alone might not do bur-pees or do cable weights but I will if a trainer asks me to do it.  Today I worked out with a friend on a weekend.  It was Fun!  Yes I said fun.  I forgot that I was working out because it felt a lot like hanging out and doing something.  So my advice for today is find someone that is willing to workout with you and do it.    You might just discover your inner Beast and have a blast doing it to.

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